[Download] Facebook 2.0 For Windows Phone 7 Now Available

Microsoft has quietly released Facebook for Windows Phone 2.0., and it is now available for download on your Windows Phone. The new Facebook 2.0 app now brings the Push Notifications feature for Windows Phone

Facebook 2.0 for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users can now choose which parts of Facebook they want to push to their phone, and Push Notifications can be set to arrive via the Tile, and Toast. Since a couple of months, Redmond company has been upgrading many apps for Windows Phones with better improved features, and improved enhancements. Microsoft is about to release the awesome Windows Phone 7 Mango update before the end of this year, and more than 500 features will be rocking your Windows Phones, and we are sure that this Facebook 2.0 app will be available in Mango update as well. You might be aware that Nokia Window Phones are also set to release in this year.

With the latest Push Notifications support, the app gets a lot more useful as you can now get notified with a pop-up message, and you will get a sound alert when friends do things like comment on your Wall or tag photos of you. You can set notifications for Messages, Wall Posts, Friend Requests, Friend Confirmations, Photo Tags, Events, Feed comment, Feed comment reply, and Tagged photo comments with the app. It also brings the ability to add a notification counter right there on the app’s live tile.

We’ve got the download link for you here. Check out the Facebook 2.0 app for Windows Phone by downloading it from Marketplace (hit the link).

[Via: Wpcentral]

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