[Download] Facebook 1.8 (Katana) For Android Is Available Now

Facebook 1.8 (Katana) For Android

Since a couple of days we have been hearing about the upcoming update for Android based Facebook app. Via its blog, Facebook has announced that the updated Facebook application’s update is set to roll out from today, bringing the revamped navigation and menus as well as other improvements. Assume it as a massive update and it will bring much faster, quicker-to-navigate experience. The updated Facebook 1.8 app is also known as “Katana“. Facebook v1.8 for Android app bring the following changes:

# A whole new UI that lets you to navigate from anywhere.
# The notification center has been moved to the top of the screen to make it more visible.
# Better tagging.
# A new photo viewing experience.
# Faster notifications with real-time alerts.
Users who already have a timeline, they will be able to access notification from their mobile.
# Improved searching.
# Improved Photo Sharing.
# Photos and albums are said to be two times faster than the current app.
# Improved comment viewing.
# Caption editing improvisation.
# Play games and access your favorite apps on the go.
# Access to friend lists and subscriptions.


The update Facebook app for Android is now available to download from Android Market or else hit the following link to grab it for free.

Android Market Link

Facebook 1.8 (Katana) For Android Facebook 1.8 (Katana) For Android

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