Final Pixel 7a Leaks Surfaced Ahead of Google’s Announcement

With the Pixel 7a’s imminent launch, it seems like there’s almost no aspect of the device left to uncover. Despite this, a couple of new leaks emerged just one day before Google’s official announcement, offering one final, unofficial glimpse at the upcoming smartphone.

A leaked promotional video of the Pixel 7a, released by @OnLeaks in collaboration with MediaPeanut, showcases the phone that has been extensively leaked in recent times. While the video doesn’t reveal any groundbreaking information about the phone, it does confirm that it will be powered by the Tensor G2, feature a new camera, support wireless charging, and boast an updated design consistent with the rest of the Pixel 7 series, as previously leaked. This sneak peek offers a final glimpse of the phone before its official debut by Google.

The video highlights various software features, including Night Sight, Photo Unblur, and Magic Eraser. The phone is shown in black, white, and blue colors, with an additional video from SnoopyTech displaying the Coral version of the Pixel 7a.

It also appears that the device has also made an unexpected appearance on a US retailer’s website. Specifically, the unreleased smartphone was spotted listed for sale on the popular US marketplace platform Swappa, and has garnered multiple offers. All the listed units were carrier unlocked, and available in white, blue, and gray colors with an 8GB/ 128GB RAM/ storage configuration. The highest offer for the Pixel 7a on Swappa was $499. The listing also provided some in-hand photos of the smartphone, showcasing the USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A dongle, and the standard documentation and warranty for the phone.

Although these recent leaks may be the final major reveals before the Pixel 7a’s official launch, it’s crucial to acknowledge that history has shown us that unexpected leaks can still emerge even after a product has been officially announced. Therefore, it’s not entirely impossible that another significant leak or revelation regarding the Pixel 7a may surface before Google’s unveiling.

However, the highly anticipated Pixel 7a mid-range smartphone is set to steal the show at the upcoming Google I/O conference on May 10. Alongside the Pixel 7a, other exciting new releases are also expected, making this year’s Google Developer conference one to watch. This event is Google’s largest of the year and will feature a minimum of two new smartphones, including the Pixel Fold, as well as the unveiling of the new Android 14 operating system.

In addition, attendees can look forward to learning about the latest developments in Pixel tablets and other Google products that are currently in development. The conference will begin at 10 AM (5 PM UTC) on May 10, 2023, and will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.


@SnoopyTech | @OnLeaks

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