Firmware update improves HTC One’s camera, rolling in April

HTC One smartphone

HTC announced its 2013 flagship device, the HTC One back in February. It is packed with high-end specs and solid hardware under the hood. Among the impressive specs of the device, one of the most selling points of the device is its camera technology. The Ultra Pixel sensor technology allows to capture sharper images with more precise accurate color reproduction compared to regular smartphone cameras with current trend traditional sensor.

Today, Singapore’s Hardware Zone has claimed that a noticeable change is found in the images (which is shown below) captured by an initial HTC One review unit and by another unit that has received a firmware update.

HTC One Camera after update

The source has reported that HTC has clarified that the second unit which they received “has the final commercial firmware, compared to the original unit which was pre-production and had an isolated hardware issue, which resulted in differences between the two sets of photos taken with both devices.”

HTC One Camera after update

The images produced from the HTC One review unit appeared blurry, noisy and messy. But after updating the firmware, the images are clearer and sharper and it brings a noticeable difference in the quality of the images. But, there are a few issues at ISO 800. All the devices coming in April will come already updated with the firmware.

Via: Androidandme

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