First Look at The Coral Pixel Tablet in Real-Life Photos

Google Design has made an appearance at Milan Design Week 2023 with their “Shaped by Water” installation. One of the notable features of the exhibit is a table of various Google products, which includes the yet-to-be-released Pixel Tablet. What’s more, the Pixel Tablet is showcased in a stunning new coral color that has not been seen before.

The “Shaped by Water” exhibit focuses on how water has influenced various designs throughout history, and how it continues to shape modern-day designs. The exhibit features a variety of installations that highlight the fluidity and versatility of water. It also includes various Google products, which have been designed with the same principles in mind. Google Design’s exhibit at Milan Design Week 2023 includes two components called Sympathetic Resonance and Wavespace. If you’re interested in learning more about the exhibit, you can visit the official website.

One of these products is the highly-anticipated Pixel Tablet, which has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumors in recent months. Google has previously showcased a green variant with a black border surrounding the display and a beige version with a white bezel. These colorways may be named “Hazel” (similar to the Pixel 7 Pro) and “Porcelain,” respectively.

Earlier this week, we reported that two additional color options are coming for the Pixel Tablet, and it appears that one of them will be a pinkish-orange hue similar to coral.

As per the images obtained by 9to5Google, photos from the exhibit suggest that the upcoming Pixel Tablet will be available in at least three colorways. Among the images of the installation, the Pixel Tablet can be seen on a table of Google products, and it appears to come in a new coral color. This aligns with our previous report that two additional color options were expected for the Pixel Tablet. Additionally, the photos also reveal two other color options for the tablet, including a green colorway that is believed to be named “Hazel” and a beige colorway that could be called “Porcelain.”

Above the coral-colored Pixel Tablet showcased in the exhibit, there is an evident contrast in the pink shade of the Coral Nest Mini and Pixel Buds Pro, as they seem to have a more vivid hue. On the other hand, the Pixel Tablet’s pink tone appears to be more understated. However, the fourth rumored color is not present in the images. Although, considering the matching color themes of the other devices on display, it is possible that the fourth color could be a shade of yellow, perhaps Lemongrass.

The Pixel Watch Metal Links Band in Brushed Silver can also be seen on the table at the exhibit, alongside the upcoming Metal Mesh Band. Both are expected to release this spring, with an official release date possibly coming in the near future.



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