First OnePlus Foldable phone teaser arrives

A couple of days ago, OnePlus’ COO Kinder Liu has confirmed their first Foldable phone coming this year. Today, OnePlus has started teasing its first foldable smartphone. OnePlus’s Twitter account has released the first teaser video, hinting us with a very brief glimpse at what it might look like.

Pete Leu has already confirmed the first OnePlus foldable phone will have the signature OnePlus fast and smooth experience, and the teaser shot is also trying to show that the hinge system on this device is really smooth looking, or it could be a tease for the idea of a foldable and not depicting a look at the actual device itself.

OnePlus Foldable phone to rival Galaxy Z Fold?

It looks like OnePlus’s first foldable will have the form-factor of a book, in the lines of the Galaxy Z Fold rather than the Galaxy Z Flip. Previous reports indicated that it will launch in the third quarter of this year. Looking at the that timeframe, we can expect it could pack the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which the company used in the recently launched OnePlus 11.

OnePlus didn’t reveal any key specs regarding its upcoming foldable phone, but we can guess what it could feature. Recently launched OnePlus Pad has Stylus support. So, it is easy to expect the first foldable phone will also get the Stylus support, and it may also get an OnePlus 11-inspired camera setup on the back. With these features, OnePlus’s first foldable phone could undercut the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 by Samsung, who has significantly improved its foldable phone over the past few years, and dominating the foldable smartphone market.

Chances are pretty good that OnePlus will take design cues from the Oppo Find N2. That means it could launch as a modified and rebranded version of the Oppo Find N2. OnePlus foldable is confirmed to feature a 2K display, but no details regarding display’s size and aspect ratio. The Chinese manufacturer should bring a superior hinge design, better aspect ratio and less visible crease for the device.

Source: Twitter


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