First Test Photos Of HTC Ville, Fireball, Endeavor, Vertex, Totem and Evita Surfaced Online

PocketNow has done its regular series of “Test Photos” again. A few hours ago, we reported about the leaked pictures of an unknown HTC-made Ice Cream Sandwich handset. Now, we got a set of the pictures captured by unreleased HTC handsets. We’ve already heard about the HTC Edge, HTC Fighter, HTC Tahiti handsets and HTC Quattro tablet. It looks like these handsets have got codename changes and now we have test photos to look at, captured by these handsets and a couple of other handsets.

So here are the very first camera samples from the HTC Endeavor (aka HTC Edge), HTC Ville, HTC Fireball (aka HTC Fighter), HTC Totem (aka HTC Tahiti), HTC Vertex (aka HTC Quattro) and HTC Evita. Lets take a look at them which we embedding below:

HTC Verex

HTC Vertex Test Photo

HTC Totem

HTC Totem Test Photo

HTC Fireball

HTC Fireball Test Photo

HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor Test Photo

HTC Evita

HTC Evita Test Photo

HTC Ville

HTC Ville Test Photo

Among the aforementioned handset, we are hearing about the HTC Evita handset for the first time. HTC Evita is expected to feature 4G LTE connectivity, powered by a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, and a 720p display. NO word on the launch dates of these handsets. Look for some of these handsets to get officially announced at the MWC event this month in Barcelona.

Source: PocketNow

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