Wear OS 3 on Fossil Gen 6 with Pixel Watch-like UI rolling out now

A few days ago, Fossil announced about the arrival of the big firmware upgrade for their Gen 6 watches. If you are looking out for the Pixel Watch-like UI with the latest Wear OS upgrade for your Gen 6, we have good news. The watchmaker started rolling out the Wear OS 3 update for the Fossil Gen 6 watches.

The Wear OS 3 brings Google’s Material You design with better readability, upgraded health and fitness tracking, Theater mode, Airplane mode, Battery (different icon), open Settings, turn on/off Ring, an improved interface with a link between the Fossil wearable and the Fossil app.

After installing this firmware update, you will be able to enable the Touch Lock and Do Not Disturb modes. You will be able to ping your phone from your watch, and you can also adjust brightness. Swiping down gets you Quick settings. You can see the list of recent apps with live activities by pressing the top button. You can open a launcher with apps in pill-shaped cards by pressing the main/center button.

Pressing on holding the top button open the voice assistant. It is important to note that Google Assistant isn’t included in the Wear OS 3 update, but Amazon Alexa is present. Fossil says that the current form of Google Assistant isn’t supported through Qualcomm chipsets.

WearOS 3 on Gen 6. Smooth. from WearOS

According to Reddit posts, most of the Fossil Gen 6 owners are getting the update. Better keep in mind that the big firmware distribution is starting with a few users and will expand gradually. If you are impatient to wait for the update hits your device, there is a manual way to update by requesting it from the Settings apps. Wear OS 3 upgrade requires you to factor reset your watch, and then set it up again through the Fossil Smartwatches app. Please make sure that Fossil’s companion app is running with version 5.1.1 on your Gen 6 watch.

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