Samsung Sent Free Galaxy S II Devices To CyanogenMod Developers

Samsung Galaxy S II has been released recently and is getting pretty good reviews everywhere. Looks like Samsung is now considering the power users seriously. The largest Android smartphone maker in the world has apparently sent complimentary Galaxy S II device to all the four CyanogenMod developers including Atinm, who is seriously working on porting CyanogenMod 7 to the Galaxy S phone. Samsung clearly wants the CyanogenMod developers to work on their best ever Android phone.

Atnim Galaxy S II tweet

Atinm, tweeted the news earlier and has promised to ‘work seriously’ on it. CyanogenMod is very much popular on HTC devices and the recent news that HTC is coming with unlocked bootloaders for all its future smartphone releases was a big encouragement to the CM dev community and power users. And now Samsung wants to show that they’re not lagging behind in supporting the background Android hacking community.

We’re not sure when the nightlies for Samsung Galaxy S II will be out, but Atinms says that they have started working on it seriously. He also mentioned that they wont stop working on the original Galaxy S.

This is a really welcoming move from Samsung and we hope it will do some more good for the end users and to the Android OS in general.

[Source: Twitter] [Via: Android Central]

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