ASUS Transformer Prime Owners To Get Free GPS Dongle To Address GPS Issues

Free GPS Dongle For ASUS Transformer Prime To Address GPS Issues

The Asus Transformer Prime users have been reporting about the annoying GPS issues. The device is made from a metallic unibody design and it may affect the performance of the GPS when receiving signals from satellites. The manufacturer has already rolled out a software update to fix the GPS issue, but to no avail. Today, we are bringing a good news for your attention that Asus is gearing up to bring a hardware fix by providing a “GPS Extension Kit” dongle to all the Transformer Prime owners for free of cost. To take advantage of this awesome offer, you need to register your tablet with Asus.

According to a conversation between an XDA Developers member and Asus, the company allegedly said: “we will be releasing a dongle shortly that will address the GPS function and be a fully usable GPS that will lock onto many satellites and keep their lock with Wi-Fi active”.  The GPS Extension Kit will be a flush fit on the bottom of the unit if held in landscape matching the color of your Prime chassis and will be “provided for free of charge” around mid-April. You can expect an official announcement from Asus on or around April 16th.

The GPS dongle that will amplify the signals and ensure that your tablet will locate you quickly. The dongle will resemble the keyboard dock’s hinge, and will match the color of your Transformer Prime.

To get the free GPS Extension Kit” dongle for your Asus Trasformer Prime tablet, you need to do a small task as provided here at below.

Join ASUS Membership program from here.
Please proceed with “Product Registration” after you have joined as an ASUS Member. There are two methods:
A. After activating the ASUS Member account successfully, please proceed with Product Registration.
B. After login, please click on “Product Registration” on the left side menu.

If you finish the registration process successfully, you will receive the following message confirming about a free GPS Extenuation Kit” dongle for your device:


According to an ASUS Junior Technical Product Manager, the new Asus transformer Prime build will have improved Wi-Fi performance and the devices will be identified by their serial numbers that begin with “C3” code.

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