[Download] Android 4.1.1 JRO03L ROM Available For Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE and Nexus 7

Android 4.1.1 JRO03L ROM For Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE and Google Nexus 7, you can now download the latest  build of the Android OS on your handset. HSPA+ capable Galaxy Nexus handset have already been upgraded to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean build JRO03C and the Nexus 7 has also received a tiny update to JRO03D. Unfortunately, no Jelly Bean love for LTE Galaxy Nexus from Google and Verizon yet. If you own a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon and looking for a pure taste of Jelly Bean, you are in lick. The folks over at XDA forums have released the new Android build for the 4G LTE capable Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset. Android Build JRO03L ROM has also been released for Nexus 7 tablet. It looks like developers started working on the code as soon as it hits the AOSP servers.

The newly released ROM based on the pure JRO03L AOSP build, and the build date is 8/8/12, while the Android version still remains at v4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Developer has noted this ROM is pure AOSP. So, if you have time to download and flash this ROM on 4G LTE GNex or Nexus 7, you can proceed at your own risk.

Here are the links for Android 4.1.1 JRO03L build for 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7:

Download: Android 4.1.1 JRO03L for Nexus 7 | Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

Update (10/5/2012): Links removed

Source: XDA

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