[Download] Samsung Galaxy Nexus Root/Unlock, Unroot/Re-Lock Tool (WugFresh) Available Now

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Ready to root your Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Ready to unroot it? Ready to unlock it? Ready to re-lock it again? Confusing? Here we’ve a got a simple tool for you, which will let you to all these operations on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with just a quick option. Developed by an Android developer WugFresh, the tool presents you a couple of simple options to unlock and root or unroot your Galaxy Nexus LTE handset. You can also re-lock the bootloader to handle possible warranty issues. This tool can be used on LTE based Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset only. The developer has noted that the GSM version is coming soon.


You can download the WugFresh Tool (weighing 267MB of size) from the following links and proceed to root/unlock or unroot/re-lock the Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE handset using the step-by-step instructions provided here at below.

WugFresh GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit

# Download the required GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe tool the above link.
# Install the downloaded tool on your Windows running PC machine only.
# Launch the tool.
# Use the Drivers + SDK option first to install and configure the necessary components to your system
# Click on the “Unlock + Root” or “Unroot + OEM lock” buttons.
   –> Follow the on-screen instructions and let the process finishes.; it should be self explanatory
# The source also notes that the “Unroot + OEM lock” procedure can also be used to just flash back to stock without re-locking.
–> Simply follow onscreen instructions and exit the script when it gets to the re-locking procedure.

A big thanks goes out to WugFresh for making this happen.

Source: Galaxy Nexus Forums

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