[Download] Galaxy S II (i9100/i9100M BMC) Jelly Bean Kernel Source Released

Galaxy S II (i9100/i9100M BMC) Jelly Bean Kernel Source

Recently, Samsung started pushing out the hotly-anticipated Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S II handsets (specifically for GT-i9100, and Canada GT-i9100M variants). If you are a developer looking for a official kernel source code to solve the puzzle of your own custom ROM by tweaking different aspects of the device, we’ve a good news for you. Samsung has released the kernel source code of the Jelly Bean for its Galaxy S II (I9100, I9100M BMC) handsets yesterday on the Samsung Open Source Release Center to please the Android modders and hackers. And it is now available for download by those wishing to come with a fresh batch of code.

It will be useful for the developers to create custom ROMs for the aforementioned Galaxy S II handsets. That means some custom ROMs and kernels will start appearing at a rapid rate they can be downloaded and flashed by the regular users on their devices.

Galaxy S II (i9100/i9100M BMC) Jelly Bean Kernel Source

It’s good to see that Samsung always encourages its older handset with the fastest updates, and when they release a system update, they will immediately come with the source code too.

So, if you’ve been waiting on that, go ahead. To get the download and start tinkering, hit the appropriate links below.

Download: Galaxy S II GT-I9100 | GT-I9100M BMC

Source: Samsung Open Source Release Center

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