Software Updates Discontinued for Samsung Galaxy S10 and A50

No More Software Updates for Samsung Galaxy S10 and A50

Samsung ceases to provide software updates for several of its 2019 smartphones as of the April 2023 security patches. Among these, three are premium devices, while one falls into the mid-range category.

Samsung has decided to end software update support for the Galaxy A50 and the Galaxy S10 series, four years after their initial launch. This unfortunate news was brought to light by GalaxyClub, who observed the details shared by Samsung in the April 2023 security patch release. It signifies the discontinuation of official software updates for these devices, which had been prominent offerings in Samsung’s product portfolio for an extended period.

Samsung raised the bar for Android updates in the previous year by pledging to offer five years of security patches and four years of major Android OS upgrades for its flagship smartphones. Nevertheless, this undertaking exclusively pertains to devices launched from the Galaxy S21 onward, resulting in earlier flagship models being deprived of continued support.

Samsung’s official webpage for software update schedules of Galaxy devices no longer includes the Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+. Strangely, the Galaxy S10 5G, which was also launched in February 2019 alongside the rest of the Galaxy S10 series devices, is still listed and will continue to receive software updates. This discrepancy in support for different devices from the same series may raise questions among users who own the affected models.

Additionally, the Galaxy S10 Lite is set to receive one more year of security updates, which provides some reassurance to owners of this particular model. It’s important to keep devices updated with the latest security patches to ensure optimal security and protection against potential threats.

The majority of the Galaxy S10 series owners should have already received their final update, which includes the March 2023 Android Security Patch, in recent days. For users with a Galaxy S10 equipped with Exynos chipset, this final update may have been particularly crucial, as it addresses an exploit that was publicly disclosed by Google’s Project Zero, although the Galaxy S10 was never officially confirmed to be affected by it. This highlights the significance of staying up-to-date with security patches to mitigate potential vulnerabilities on mobile devices.

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