Check out how the Samsung Galaxy S23+ fared in drop tests

Galaxy S23+ Drop Tested

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 flagship phones have a slightly newer OLED panel with improved power efficiency. Samsung used a new organic material that improves luminance while decreasing power consumption. The manufacturer claims that their latest Galaxy S23 is the toughest smartphone the company has produced. The Galaxy S23+ phone also comes with IP68-rated for dust and water resistance, which means it should survive dusty environments or three-minute water dips in the water without any issues. The device has the armor aluminum frame and the flat design make them less susceptible to damage from accidental drops. It is sandwiched between two panes of and the latest Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection, which makes it even more resilient.

Does that mean that Galaxy S23+ handset’s front and back are equally resilient to accidental/intentional drops? According to a recent drop test done by YouTuber PBKreviews, it turns out, despite the best protective materials surrounding the phone, the Galaxy S23+ has failed to survive its first drop.

The guy from YouTube channel PBKreviews, has dropped the Galaxy S23+ for three times. There was a minor crack at the right corner of the front screen after the first drop, which was done from a waist-level height directly onto concrete. The back also cracks after a separate waist height drop. Despite after three drops, and some serious chassis damage, the screen and the rest of the phone’s components remain fully functional, and the cameras’ lens on the back also refused to loosen up and didn’t shatter from the drop.


Earlier this month, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has also gone through durability test. Even though the S23 Ultra is made out of Gorilla Victus 2 and Samsung’s proprietary Armor Aluminum material, it still shatters when dropped. However, the cracks on the flat glass panels of the S23+ were significantly smaller than those on the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s lightly curved panels.

So it is advisable to use a case or a cover if you’re looking to buy any of the S23 or S23 Ultra phones. You could avoid the aforementioned serious chassis damage with some protection. It is disheartening to see that that manufacturers campaign these glasses to be tough but in reality, they are weak. 99% of the phones will break the glass on impact with concrete. What’s the point of expensive glass back? Never take your phone out of the case.

Never take your phone out of the case. Please do remember, screen replacements are pricey. Even after you sign up for Samsung Care+, a cracked screen will be a $29 repair. Without this registration, the repair will cost around hundred dollars.

Source: YouTube

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