New leak detailed Galaxy S23 Ultra’s all sensors and a new ISOCELL

It is no secret that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be offered with Samsung’s newly introduced ISOCELL HP2 200MP sensor as its primary unit. A few hours ago, a Twitter user had published a bunch of camera samples leaked online highlighting this sensor’s night photography and ultra zoom capabilities. It seems the manufacturer has upgraded almost every camera sensor for its upcoming flagship model.

The same guy has published a screenshot from a hardware ID app detailing Galaxy S23 Ultra specifications. As per that screenshot, Samsung has changed all the camera sensors except for the 10MP 3x and 10x telephoto units, which are still Sony IMX754 sensors that were used in previous gen Galaxy S22 Ultra model.

The screenshot is reconfirming that the Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts the ISOCELL HP2 sensor, upgraded from the ISOCELL HM3. However, it also reveals that the 12MP ultra-wide sensor is a Sony IMX564 rather than an IMX563. The IMX564 sensor seems to be new, but we don’t have detailed information about this sensor at this moment.

New ISOCELL sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera?

Along with these new sensors for the rear-facing cameras, the screenshot also reconfirming a downgraded 12MP selfie camera on the front side of the Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera, which also seems to be using a new mysterious ISOCELL sensor.

To recall, the predecessor Galaxy S22 Ultra features a 40MP ISOCELL GH1 sensor for the front facing camera. As you can see in the screenshot, Samsung has utilized the 12MP ISOCELL 3LU sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s selfie camera. Samsung hasn’t announced This moniker. Either The hardware app might have this detail wrong, or Samsung has indeed built a new 12MP ISOCELL (3LU) sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sensor changes:

  • Main camera: 108MP HM3→200MP HP2
  • Ultra Wide Angle: 12MP IMX563→12MP IMX564
  • Front camera: 40MP GH1→12MP 3LU
  • The 3x and 10x telephoto sensors have not changed (IMX754→IMX754)

It’s worth mentioning that all the sensor sizes of Rear cameras are exactly the same as Galaxy S22 Ultra, while the selfie sensor size is downgraded from 1/2.65 to 1/3. We will get a clear picture in the coming days regarding whether the 12MP front-facing sensor will take much better selfies than the 40MP unit from last year. Samsung will unveil the next Galaxy S23 flagship models on February 1 at Unpacked event, if not before then, so stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, Samsung has also ramped up promoting its next lineup through teaser videos describing the improved Moon Shot capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and claims that ‘Epic nights are coming’. The Korean tech giant also claims that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will bring a better night mode and improved Moon shot, which might be the ‘Space Zoom 100x’ feature that’s listed on the recently leaked, complete full specs sheet of the device.


Based on the leaked camera samples, In fact, there is very good reason to believe that the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra camera will beat the last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra in most of the areas. To be precise, Samsung has made significant improvements in low-light photography.

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