Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 8K 30fps and 4K 60fps video samples shared online

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra unveiling is scheduled for February 1, 2023, and every tiny detail about this handset has been leaked online. After photo samples, the first video recording samples from the Galaxy S23 Ultra have also been leaked online today, showcasing its high-quality video recording capabilities.

Edwards Urbina has been spinning the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra days before the new flagship has been officially unveiled, and posted camera samples a couple of days ago. Now he has moved on to the next segment, and published the first video recording samples from the high-end smartphone, showing off an 8K 30fps video, and a 4K 60 fps video recorded from the phone’s 200MP rear-facing camera, which is based on the new ISOCELL HP2 sensor.

Although, Twitter has reduced the quality of the videos as part of its compression algorithm, you can still observe that 8K video seems running a lot smoother compared to 8K 24fps videos taken from the previous-gen Galaxy S22 Ultra. Bot the 8K 30 fps, and 4K 60 fps videos looking decent in terms of dynamic range and colors, and audio quality also seem pretty good.

Update: The tweets with the 8K 30fps and 4K 60fps videos have been taken down from his Twitter account. Meanwhile, if you are interested, here is a 4K 60fps sample uploaded to YouTube:


We’re not sure about the YouTube sample, which looks zoomed in. It could be digital zoom, or it could be one of the two telephoto cameras (3x and 10x) on the phone.

Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sensor changes:

  • Main camera: 108MP HM3→200MP HP2
  • Ultra Wide Angle: 12MP IMX563→12MP IMX564
  • Front camera: 40MP GH1→12MP 3LU
  • The 3x and 10x telephoto sensors have not changed (IMX754→IMX754)


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