From Muse 1 to Muse 3: Exploring the Galaxy S24 Series and Its Codenames

As per earlier reports, it was stated that Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series, set to debut in the first quarter of 2024, would consist of merely two models: the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The inclusion of the Galaxy S24+ was said to have been abandoned by the Korean conglomerate.

However, a recent revelation indicates that this previous information was incorrect, and the upcoming S24 series, following the same pattern as the S23 lineup, will indeed comprise of three variants: the standard Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Reports originating from SamMobile and GalaxyClub, renowned sources in the tech industry, have disclosed intriguing details about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 series. According to these reports, the S24 series is internally codenamed “Muse” by Samsung, and intriguingly, three distinct codenames have emerged – Muse 1, Muse 2, and Muse 3.

This development strongly indicates that the S24 lineup will indeed feature a Plus version, alongside the standard and Ultra models. These reports provide exciting insights into the potential offerings of the Galaxy S24 series, generating anticipation among tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Further information from the same sources, SamMobile and GalaxyClub, reinforces the notion that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will bear the codename Muse 3. This implies that the remaining two models, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, could potentially be codenamed Muse 1 and Muse 2, respectively. Moreover, these sources have reiterated that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will introduce an enhanced camera system, specifically a telephoto camera equipped with an impressive 5x optical zoom capability.

This upgrade would be a notable advancement compared to the 3x telephoto unit featured in its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The inclusion of a more powerful telephoto camera is likely to excite photography enthusiasts, as it promises improved zoom capabilities for capturing detailed shots from a distance.

Indeed, there have been conflicting reports regarding the camera setup on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. While initial rumors suggested the replacement of the 3x telephoto lens, more recent information indicates that Samsung may opt for a single variable folded telephoto lens offering a zoom range of 3-10x. As with any pre-release information, it’s always prudent to await further evidence and official announcements from Samsung to confirm the exact specifications of the device.

With the unveiling of the S24 series several months away, it is highly likely that additional details and leaks will emerge in the upcoming months, providing a clearer picture of the lineup and its features. As such, it is advisable to stay tuned for more updates and official announcements as the release date approaches.


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