Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Could Arrive with Reduced Camera Setup

Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Rumors

Samsung has been incorporating four rear cameras in its Galaxy S Ultra models since 2021, including two telephoto units – a 3x telephoto and a 10x periscope telephoto. However, according to a trustworthy source in the tech industry, Ice Universe, the next-gen Galaxy S24 Ultra could bring about a significant change in this regard.

It should be noted that the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the anticipated predecessor to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, also featured four rear-facing cameras, with two of them being telephoto cameras. This indicates that Samsung may continue its four-camera setup for the foreseeable future, but the specifics of the camera setup may vary from model to model.

The informant alleges that Samsung has eliminated the 3x telephoto lens from the Galaxy S24 Ultra and “combined” it with the periscope telephoto. However, there isn’t any additional information provided about how exactly this integration will take place. Another reliable tipster has claimed that Samsung is ditching the 3x telephoto camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra and instead, will incorporate a variable folded telephoto camera that can provide zooming capabilities ranging from 3x to 10x. As of now, it remains uncertain which of these rumors is accurate, but it’s clear that Samsung is making efforts to innovate and enhance its camera setup for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In December of last year, Ice Universe made a statement suggesting that Samsung was planning to replace the telephoto sensor found in previous Galaxy S Ultra models and adopt a new solution for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The rumored 3-10x variable folded telephoto camera could indeed be the solution that Ice Universe was referring to. However, until Samsung makes an official announcement, it remains unclear exactly what camera setup the Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature.

If Samsung does remove one of the telephoto cameras from the Galaxy S24 Ultra and relies on a single telephoto camera instead, it would need to be capable of performing the job of both zoom cameras found on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The rumored 3-10x variable folded telephoto camera could potentially offer better image quality with intermediate zoom ranges that were not possible with the previous camera setup, which could be a major improvement for the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera system.

Another possibility is that Samsung has immense trust in its 200MP primary camera sensor, which could potentially allow for a 3x digital zoom that matches the quality of the 3x optical zoom on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. In such a scenario, there would be no need for a separate telephoto lens as the primary sensor would handle all the zooming requirements.

It’s important to keep in mind that any rumors or leaks regarding upcoming smartphones should be taken with a grain of salt. While multiple sources may report similar information, plans for the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera setup could still change before its expected unveiling more than six months from now.

It’s always advisable to wait for official announcements or reliable sources with concrete proofs before coming to any conclusions or making any purchasing decisions. It’s natural to be excited about upcoming devices and want to learn as much as possible about them, but it’s important to approach rumors and leaks with a critical eye and not take them as definitive information.

Source: Weibo

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