Galaxy S4 to hit Europe for €600-€700; Amazon Germany has it for €650

Samsung Galaxy S4

Several of the Europe based mobile operators have already been confirmed to carry the South Korean manufacturer’s latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in the coming months. Samsung didn’t come up with exact details regarding the price information of the Galaxy S4 handset neither for global countries nor for Europe regions.

According to a reliable source, Samsung is expected to charge €699 for Galaxy S4 in Italy and it will release sometime in the first two weeks of May. The source also notes that it will be priced €599 in rest of the Europe. So, the Galaxy S4 handset’s unlocked price value is expected to oscillate anywhere between €600 and €700 in Europe.

Confirming the aforementioned pricing, Amazon Germany has started offering pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 for €649. Interested customers can pre-order it here.

Galaxy S4 Pre-Order by

The UK launch price of the HTC One handset ranges from £459 (~$703), through £510 at Clove, to £519 (€607) at Expansys. The 5-inch Sony Xperia Z 1080p Android phone will launch in UK for £549 (€642).

The Galaxy S4 is set to launch on April 26th in UK and the rest of Europe. T-Mobile, EE, and Orange will start taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 on March 28th. It packs a 5-inch 1080p display with 441 pixels per inch, 1.6GHz Exynos 8-core processor or 1.9Ghz Snapdragon 600 quad-core CPU under the hood, running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz UX skin, 13MP camera on back and 2.1MP snapper on front, 2GB RAM, 16GB/32Gb/64GB onboard storage, which can be further expandable up to 64GB via SD card slot.


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