New Leak Reveals Bigger Battery Capacity for Galaxy Tab S9

Galaxy Tab S8 Battery Rumors

Samsung is all set to up the ante on its flagship tablet series, as the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Tab S9 promises to feature an upgraded battery with a higher capacity than its forerunners. The online listing confirms this news, indicating that the model number of the device is associated with a battery that outperforms those of its predecessors.

Recently, GalaxyClub stumbled upon an application in the Chinese agency CQC’s database, revealing that Samsung SDI has developed a Li-ion battery, with the part number EB-BX716ABY, for the highly anticipated Galaxy Tab S9. This specific part number is associated with the SM-X71x model number, which is expected to be utilized in the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 series, specifically in the base variant.

To sum up, it can be confirmed that the battery discovered by GalaxyClub in the CQC database does indeed belong to the Galaxy Tab S9. The battery, developed by Samsung SDI, has a rated capacity of 8,160mAh, which is higher than the batteries found in the previous models of the series, namely the Tab S8 and Tab S7. This increase in battery capacity promises improved battery life and enhanced usability of the upcoming device.

To provide a comparison, the batteries found in the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S8 had a rated capacity of 7,760mAh, which equated to a typical capacity of 8,000mAh. With a rated capacity of 8,160mAh, it is reasonable to assume that the typical capacity of the Galaxy Tab S9 could fall in the range of 8,400-8,500mAh. This increase in typical capacity could result in a noticeable improvement in battery life and performance, making the Galaxy Tab S9 an even more appealing device for consumers who value long-lasting battery power.

It is worth noting that Samsung is also set to release two more models alongside the base model, namely the Galaxy Tab S9+ and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. However, information regarding the battery specifications of these models remains undisclosed. While only the base model’s battery has appeared in the CQC database, it is possible that further details about the other variants will surface in the near future.

However, there is one upgrade that is reportedly coming to the Galaxy Tab S9 series, which is IP67 dust and water resistance. This will mark the first time that Samsung has introduced this feature to its high-end tablets.

It has been rumored that the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will feature the same battery capacity as the Tab S8 Ultra, but there is currently no solid evidence to support this claim.

It is also worth noting that the Galaxy Tab S9 is likely to be unveiled at the next Unpacked event, which is expected to take place in August or September. Samsung has not yet confirmed the exact release date of the upcoming device, but the buzz around it is certainly building.

Source: GalaxyClub

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