Get $750 off on Galaxy S23 Ultra in Final Discover Deal

Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Discover Samsung sale has arrived, offering massive discounts on some of the finest Samsung products available. Whether you’re in the market for Samsung appliances, televisions, or the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung has you covered. This deal follows the usual pattern of trading in a premium phone to receive a greater discount on the new premium phone.

One of the most enticing Discover Samsung deals available today is on the brand’s flagship smartphone. Currently, you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for as low as $449 after a trade-in.

As the Discover Samsung event draws to a close, they are ending it with a bang by offering an excellent trade-in deal for their newest and most expensive phone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. With trade-in values of up to $750, you can own Samsung’s best product for an incredibly low price of $449.

We were taken aback by the fact that trade-in values for current phones towards the purchase of new ones were not as high as we had anticipated. It had become a norm for us to trade in our previous-year Galaxy S and then pay almost nothing for the new model. Nonetheless, the trade-in values for the Galaxy S23 series currently being offered are some of the highest we have seen.

Wondering how you can avail these amazing prices? Well, the trick is to trade in your old phone, but the phone you trade in is the key to the discount. To obtain the full $750 off, you will need to trade in a top-tier phone. Which phones qualify for the maximum trade-in value?

The Galaxy Fold 4 is the only Samsung device that qualifies for an instant $750 discount on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. After that, you can get $700 off with a trade-in of a Galaxy S22 Ultra, $680 off with a Fold 3, $600 off with a Note 20 Ultra, or $570 off with a Galaxy S22+. Hit the below link to grab it.


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