World’s Largest Functional Android Nexus S with 42-inch Touchscreen at Best Buy

Giant 42inch Nexus S at Best Buy

Samsung and Google has Installed a Giant Working-conditioned 42inch Android Nexus S at Best Buy with working camera and internet connectivity. This giant phone is obviously meant to attract customer attention, which has been getting hands-on in San Carlos Best Buy Stores of San Francisco.

World’s largest Nexus S with 42-inch touch screen is offering live wallpaper, games, Google Maps with 3D interaction, apps and the rest of all the stuff associated with the Nexus S, unlike the giant Nexus One that Google produced last year, which just played a looping video of the UI. Google is also planning to install more 42-inch sized Google Nexus S devices to many more Best Buy stores, if this promotion goes well and more sales happened in the present San Francisco’s Best Buy.

We should be using our entire palm instead of just one finger. Can we get some idea on how much this Nexus S weighs?

Check out the video of the Tech Crunch’s hands-on with Giant 42-inch Nexus S in action at below.

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