Google might be working on its own Music Store?

Google Music Synchronization

The folks over GizmoFusion has got some interesting news about Google Music Store. They were talking about “Sync Music” and the the option is visible right in the Google Account box. GizmoFusion claims that the above screen shot has been sent from an Android device running Gingerbread and it is neatly showing “Sync Music” as one of the accounts assembled in Android’s settings, pointing that the Big g may have some type of music synchronization service which will be linked to your Gmail account and also sync your tracks.

Google has been reportedly working on a cloud-based music service since last year and they promised “later in the year” at last year’s IO conference. Google even demonstrated some technology that would allow Android users to stream music from their desktop PCs instantly to their phone. As we all know this is the basic Android settings box, except the options for Gmail and Picasa, syncing contacts, Web Albums and a new option called -Sync Music.

This could be one of the features planned for the unannounced and unconfirmed Android 2.4 build codenamed Ice Cream. So what do you say guys, is Google really working on its own Android/Google Music Store?

[Via: Engadget] [Source: GizmoFusion]

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