Google announces Pixel 7a with Tensor G2 chip for $499

As Google I/O kicks off, it’s not just software that’s taking center stage. The company is also announcing some major updates to┬áits Pixel lineup, including the highly anticipated Pixel 7a. The device promises to deliver an experience that is on par with the Pixel 7, but for $100 less. However, with the highest price tag yet on an A-series device, there are some questions about whether Google can strike the perfect balance between performance and value for the fourth year in a row.

But with the A-series already known for its affordability, it remains to be seen whether the Pixel 7a will be able to offer enough new features to justify its price tag. Additionally, the constant sales on last year’s A-series devices may make it difficult for Google to convince consumers to shell out more money for the latest model.

Building on the success of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the 7a aims to expand on what made its predecessor so well-received by users. The device promises to deliver a premium smartphone experience at a more affordable price point, with a focus on value and performance.

Wrapped in a large frame, the Pixel 7a boasts a generous 6.1-inch corner-to-corner screen. The body is constructed using a blend of recycled aluminum, glass, and plastic, while the front display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Meanwhile, a 3D composite material comprises the rear panel. Keeping true to the Pixel design aesthetic, a visor gracefully spans the camera array and seamlessly blends into the frame rails on both sides.

The Pixel 7a follows a similar design to its predecessor, the Pixel 7, but with slight adjustments to make it more affordable. The phone has a glossy back with a familiar camera bar design, though it is made of plastic rather than glass. Under the hood, the phone is powered by the Tensor G2 chipset, 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM, and 128GB of UFS 3.1 storage. It also features some carryovers from last year’s Pixel 6a, including the large bezels around the 6.1″ 1080p display, which has been upgraded to 90Hz. While wireless charging is a nice addition, it’s not the fastest.

Furthermore, the Pixel 7a’s camera system also comes with features that were previously exclusive to Google’s flagship devices. As with its predecessors, the camera on the Pixel 7a continues to be a standout feature. Google has upgraded the camera sensors with a brand-new 64MP f/1.9 sensor, which utilizes pixel binning down to 16MP. The camera also boasts a 120-degree ultrawide sensor, wider than what’s found on the Pixel 7, making it even more capable for daily use.

Additionally, the phone features a 13MP front-facing camera, which also includes Google’s camera-based face unlock technology, launched last year. With these upgrades, the Pixel 7a is sure to continue delivering the high-quality images and videos that have come to be expected from the Pixel lineup.

The Pixel 7a is now available for purchase, so if it’s caught your eye, you won’t have to wait long to make it yours. Unlike previous launches, the phone is not just available for pre-order, but is actually up for sale today with a price tag of $500.

The Google Store is offering the phone in four colors: charcoal, snow, sea, and a Google-exclusive coral. Retailers and carriers will be stocking the phone soon as well. If you’re interested in color-coordinating your tech, Google is also launching matching sea-colored Pixel Buds A-series to go with the phone.

Google’s Pixel 7a may not be the most revolutionary smartphone in terms of design or features, but it continues to deliver the core Pixel experience at an affordable price. As a midrange device, the Pixel 7a has the potential to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the segment, especially with its brand-new 64MP camera sensor and 90Hz display.

Despite its impressive specs, the Pixel 7a manages to keep its price point in check, coming in at $100 less than last year’s Pixel 6. However, with a starting price of $449, the device still has a higher price tag than other A-series devices. It remains to be seen whether Google can strike the perfect balance between performance and value, but early reviews suggest that the Pixel 7a is a strong contender in the mid-range smartphone market.

Overall, the Pixel 7a is an exciting addition to the Pixel lineup, offering users a premium smartphone experience at a more accessible price point. With its impressive specs, camera system, and value proposition, the device is sure to be a hit with users looking for a high-quality smartphone without breaking the bank.



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