Google Body app for Honeycomb tablets lands now for free [Download]

Google Body App For Honeycomb Tablets

Google Body app officially hits the Android Market now. This is the app, which  lets the users to discover the names of different parts of the human bodies, from the outer skin level down to the skeletal structure – in a layer by layer tour of your skin down to your bones, with a search function for you to easily situate different parts, just using your fingers swiping on the device. Previously, we’ve seen this thing being demonstrated at Google Honeycomb Event on Feb 3rd. Right after one month, Google released this app in Android Market. Nice move by Google.

Please note that the Google Body app is specifically developed for Android 2.3 Honeycomb running tablets, older versions of Android OS. Motorola Xoom is the only Honeycomb tablet released in markets as of now. This app is a detailed 3D model of the human body, which can take the full advantage of the tablet’s powerful Tegra 2 processor to provide you with an accurate 3D representation of the entire human body in more favourable position.

At present, only the Female anatomy only for discovering the in-depth parts of the human bodies. But why no Male anatomy? men need to check things out too! Anyhow, it’s a Female body..Enjoy!


You can download the Google Body from Android Market (hit the link) for Free of cost. Watch the Google Body app in action on the Xoom tablet here at below.

[Source: Android Market]

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