Google Chat to Receive 7 Upcoming Features

Following the discontinuation of Hangouts, Google has repositioned Chat as the primary hub for workplace communication. While Google dedicates a significant portion of its efforts toward promoting RCS and Messages, Google Chat continues to fulfill its role as a messaging platform.

Despite the abundance of alternative messaging applications available, Google Chat remains a viable option for users seeking efficient communication within their workspace. In a recent announcement, Google has revealed that Google Chat will soon receive an infusion of 7 new features, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the latest additions to Google Chat and their expected release dates. Several features are already accessible, including the integration of Gmail features, enhanced editing capabilities, quoting messages, and the ability to incorporate apps in personal conversations.

These improvements aim to streamline communication and offer a more robust experience within Google Chat.

Smart Compose:

Google Chat users can now enjoy the convenience of auto-complete suggestions while composing messages. Similar to the popular feature in Gmail, Chat’s Smart Compose predicts and suggests text to help users complete sentences with a simple swipe or tab press.

Initially available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, this feature is accessible to all Chat users utilizing the web client. Say goodbye to manual typing and embrace the efficiency of Smart Compose in your Chat conversations.

Enhanced Message Control (edit and delete):

Google Chat users can now take advantage of the ability to edit and delete messages within the platform. This feature, although already available, is worth highlighting as it grants users the flexibility to make edits to their sent messages and even remove them entirely.

Rest assured, these functionalities are offered to users at no cost, eliminating the need for any financial obligations. Enjoy the newfound control over your Chat messages with the edit and delete options.

Message Quoting:

Google Chat now offers the functionality of message quoting, particularly valuable in large group chats. When engaging in discussions with multiple participants or covering various topics, quoting a specific message allows users to maintain clarity and context within their replies.

By simply clicking the reply shortcut on a particular message, users can seamlessly include the quoted message in their response. This feature is accessible to all Chat users, facilitating more focused and organized conversations.

Read receipts for groups:

Google Chat introduces the support for read receipts in group chats, further enhancing the messaging experience. While read receipts are not a novel concept, they are now available in group conversations. In these chats, avatars will be displayed next to messages indicating that they have been read by specific individuals within the group.

This feature will be gradually rolled out to both mobile and web platforms throughout the current month, ensuring seamless communication and visibility within group discussions. Stay informed about who has read your messages in group chats with this convenient update.

Hyperlink Text in Chat:

Google is introducing the ability to hyperlink text within chats on both the web and Android platforms in the upcoming weeks. This feature allows users to conveniently convert selected text into clickable links without the need to manually paste an entire URL. Simply highlight the desired text, and Google Chat will provide the option to transform it into a hyperlink.

This streamlined functionality adds convenience and efficiency to your chat experience, making it even sweeter to share links with others.

Hide inactive conversations:

Google has introduced an automatic feature that hides inactive conversations in Google Chat. Conversations that have remained inactive for a period of 7 days will be automatically concealed from your chat view on the web. Rest assured, these conversations are not deleted or permanently removed but rather hidden to create space for your active chats.

The hidden conversations will reappear as soon as a new message is received, ensuring you stay updated and organized while prioritizing your ongoing discussions. Enjoy a clutter-free chat view with this convenient feature.

Add Apps:

Google is set to introduce a feature that allows users to add apps to their personal chats in the upcoming weeks. This exciting addition means that you will have the ability to incorporate apps such as Asana, Zapier, or Giphy directly into your conversations. These apps can assist you in increasing productivity, streamlining tasks, and adding creative elements to your discussions. With the integration of apps, you’ll be able to enhance your chat experience and make collaborating or engaging with others more efficient and enjoyable.

That’s it. While these new features may appear basic compared to those offered by other messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram, it’s noteworthy that Google is venturing into the realm of family and friends messaging. Previously positioned primarily as a business collaboration tool, Google Chat is now expanding its scope to cater to personal communication needs.


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