[Download] Google Earth App With 3D Mapping For Honeycomb Tablets

Google Earth With 3D Mapping For Honeycomb Tablets

There are many apps in the Android Market for Android powered devices, but unfortunately, many of those apps don’t support the latest tablet-optimized Honeycomb OS powered tablets. It looks like things are starting to pick up a bit now. Google has released an update to Google Earth on Thursday, optimizing the 3-D mapping software for use on Android tablets, running with Honeycomb OS (3.0).

The latest update (v2.0) brings fully textured 3D views of buildings, that you can view from street level to make your virtual sight-seeing tours to get a more realistic view of landmark buildings, as well as a new action bar on top that lets you jump through various layers and other options, and allows easier access to the abilities you want the most such as search, fly to your location, Places, Panoramic photos, Wikipedia, and 3D buildings.

When using Google Earth on a tablet, the Panoramio picture also pop-up on on top of earth view when you view the building giving you another nice photo to look at. Google has also announced that its own new Business Photos feature for Google Maps will be hitting the Android devices in next week to offer Street View for the inside of retailers and other buildings.

Using this app, you can use one finger swipe to move the globe, two-finger pinch and rotate to zoom in and out and rotate your viewpoint.

Google Earth With 3D Mapping For Honeycomb Tablets


You can download the Google Earth (v 2.0) optimized Android tablets (Honeycomb Tablets) at the Android Market (hit the link) for free, which is weighing at the size of 7.7MB. This app supports the smartphones of Android 2.1 or higher and for tablets with Honeycomb.

[Source: Google Blog]

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