[Download] Google+ For Android Updated with New Notification Panel

G App-Update-with-New-Notifications-Tray

You might already know that Google+ becomes second largest social network (Facebook is still leading in first place), surpassing Twitter and YouTube.

Yesterday, Google has updated the Google+ app. What changes, you say? The updated Google+ app brings a new notification tray, and additional Community moderation controls. Notifications are the most important feature of any social network, but unfortunately, Google+ app’s notifications have been tucked beneath the sidebar navigation until now. It’s good to see that with this update, it will get a new section for notifications on the right-hand side of the app.

The update also brings the ability to embed a link while you share it via the mobile app. No other changes have been mentioned by Google for this new version. Hit the link to download the updated Google+ app.


Source: Google Play Store

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