Google Maps 5.2 Lands in Android Market [Download]

Google Maps 5.2

A new version of Google Maps, 5.2 for Android devices just hits the Android Market. Google Maps 5.2 adds Latitude updates and some social-focused Hotpot updates along with with an enhancement to check-ins, so that users can ping friends and search for places and standard performance improvements added. The latest update brings the ability to tweet/post the place-ratings and reviews of Places directly to Twitter account, straight from the Android phone in their hands.

Another function called ‘Ping’, lets the users to request a a nearby Latitude friends, that appear on the map, if they would like to meet and where. Users don’t need to send a text message or make a call to friends. The pinged friends will receive an Android notification on the Android device asking them to check in at a place and they will get back to you by sending a notification.

Google Maps 5.2

Another feature called Search more places button, lets you to search for more place nearby around you. And other regular features 3D interaction and offline reliability also available for your pleasure.

Make sure that both parties using Maps must be on version 5.2 to take advantage of this ping feature. Android devices must be running Android 2.1 or higher to take advantage of this app.


you can download the Google Maps 5.2 here from Android Market (hit the link) for Free.

[Source: Google Blog]

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