Google Maps 5.3 For Android Available To Download Now


Google Maps 5.3 For Android

Late yesterday, Google has released the updated version of Google Maps (5.3), bringing the new location features – Google Location History dashboard for Latitude and Hotpot users. Users can able to see the dashboard on their Android handset and they need to tap the ‘View location history’ tab from the Latitude profile. History will not be able to shared with anyone. Google Latitude will be able to record how long you spend at home, while alerting your friends that you’re back at home, if you choose to

According to Google, “If you’ve enabled Location History for Google Latitude, you’ve been able to visualize interesting trends in your location history with a personal dashboard at on your computer.” So you now have the ability to check in at home once you’ve set the location in Google Latitude, adding specific feedback. The new updated version also brings the rating system – you can easily add music (or any other thing), rate it and share it with the world. If you’d like to update Google Maps on your Android device. So you can be able to add your own aspects when rating a spot.


You can download the Google Maps 5.3 here at Android Market for Free, which is weighing 5.9MB of size.

Source: Android Market, Google Mobile Blog]

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