[Download] Google Maps Upgraded With NFC-powered Beam Feature

Google Maps  Google Maps

One of the best features announced during the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich | Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch event was the Android Beam. This is a cool new feature, which makes it possible to share various kinds of data between two NFC-enabled Android devices. Good thing is that the Android Beam feature also works with sharing Google Maps information, YouTube videos, contact information, and apps or pull up the Android Market page for a game your friend’s playing. Good news for Android users. Google has quietly updated its Google Maps app. The update isn’t carrying any exciting feature, but the change log states that the update has reduced file sizes for app storage on different devices with varying resolutions. The additional changes in the app will let the Google Maps arrive with support for Google’s Android Beam NFC technology.


You can update the Google Maps on your handset or you can also download the updated app by heading over to Android Market (hit the link) for free.

Google Maps

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