Google Launches Movie Rentals For Tablets And Handsets At Android Market

Movie Rentals At Android Market

At the Google I/O 2011 conference, search engine giant Google has unveiled a movie rental service through the Android Market. Android users can now rent movies from the Android market on the web, using Android based tablet or any Android mobile phone, letting the users to choose from thousands of movies (over 3,000 Google’s selection of movies), priced between $1.99$3.99. New releases appear to be $3.99 each. This feature is already running live at Android Market now.

There’s a 30-day rental period and the users will have 24 hours to complete watching the movie once they’ve started playing it and the playback includes an HD experience.

Pinning Movies: on the Motorola Xoom tablet, in addition to video streaming, you can also ‘pin’ your favorite movies, so that movies can be stored locally for offline and playback. A similar update will be also coming to Android phones over the next few weeks.

So hurry up Android users..! Rent a movie on your computer and immediately you will be able to watch it on your Android device.

Owners of the Android mobile phone running Android OS 2.2 Froyo and higher versions can head over to Android Market and start renting movies on the web at Android Market (hit the link) choosing from thousands of Google’s selection of movies.

Movie Rentals At Android Market

[Source: Android Market]
[Via: Engadget]

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