Google Music Store Screenshots and More Details Leaked Out

Google Music Store Screenshot Leak Google Music Store Screenshot Leak

In late October, Any Rubin has confirmed that Google Team was planning to have the Google Music Store up-and-running very “soon”. Fuelling the unconfirmed rumors about the launch of Google Music Store, Google recently sent out invitations to an event on November 16th for a “special announcement.” The invite’s tagline says: “These go to eleven,” which is suggesting that the event is having a clear focus on music. A a large set of so-called screenshots and more details relating the Google’s upcoming Android music store surfaced over the weekend.

The folks over TecnoDroidVe website were claiming that they depict an early version of Google’s Android music store and uploaded the screenshots online. According to the source, the Music Store will be having a special page “Free Song of the Day”, that will allow users to download one free track each day and there will be a “Free Songs” section with no-fee song downloads. Google Music Store may also offer recommendations for similar artists to those who you’ve searched for or purchased from. According to the previous rumors, users will be able to send a copy of a track they just bought to friends. Those users would then have access to the song on a limited basis. The users will also be able to “pin” songs they’ve purchased to their handset, permanently saving them on the handset. So you don’t need to worry about storage space on your phones. Awesome..isn’t it?

The source also claims that the final version of the Google Music Store might look different as Google has been polishing it up in recent days.

Google Music Store Screenshot Leak Google Music Store Screenshot Leak

Source: TecnoDroidVe

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