Samsung Google Nexus 10 Vs. Apple iPad 4: Specs Comparison

Google Nexus 10 Vs. Apple iPad 4

Yesterday, Google announced the Samsung-made Nexus 10 tablet, making this holiday season more interesting. More than a week ago, we wrapped up the comparison between the new Nexus 7 and the newly launched Apple iPad mini tablet. During its iPad mini tablet’s launch event, Apple spent quite a bit of time comparing it to the Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. Today, we have the Samsung-built Google Nexus 10 tablet with its stunning iPad destroying display, new Android software and a reasonable price tag vs. Apple’s 4th generation iPad.

Having a Nexus 10 tablet means, you don’t have to wait for OEM to release the software updates for your tablet. You can grab the updates on day one, as soon as Google decided to roll out them.

Apple iPad 4 boasts a 9.7-inch Retina Display and it packs a new A6X processor with quad-core graphics which is reportedly double speed, while the new Nexus 10 comes with a 10-inch IPS display with 2560 x 1600 pixels of resolution, 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos dual-core A15 processor.

Let’s break down specs comparison chart and look at some of the differences between the two awesome tablets and how does the Google Nexus 10 stack up against the Apple iPad 4:

Google Nexus 10 Vs. Apple iPad 4: Specs Comparison

Samsung Google Nexus 10 Vs. Apple iPad 4: Specs Comparison

So, what do you think? Do you buy the Nexus 10 or would you prefer to go for new iPad?

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