Google Nexus 4 Sales an Epic Failure On Black Friday?

Google Nexus 4

Many Wireless Communications including AT&T and Virgin Mobile have started announcing their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. We also know that on these days, most major retailers are preparing to sell their items including computer hardware and electronic items by offering at lower prices. But for Google, their popular Google Nexus 4 smartphone is now out of stock on the eve of Black Friday.

T-Mobile had already started taking pre-order for the device at $199 for 16GB version on a two-year contract after a mail-in-rebate, but the off-contract version costs $500 which is $150 more than the unsubsidized version of the same smartphone sold in the Google Play Store. Well its is Out of stock at T-Mobile stores currently.

Google Nexus 4 Out Of Stock

In the Google Play Store, we have seen that the Google Nexus 4 smartphone is out of stock. There’s no indication that when the device will be back in stock from Google directly. So, it is really unfortunate for those customers who wish to buy the device during these days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last week, we reported that the Google Nexus 4 smartphone sold out in 30 minutes after its launch on U.K.  and U.S. Play Store in just 20 minutes after it went on sale.

The question remains, why Google or LG did not pre-plan for an arrangement in order to fulfill customer demands, especially when you are releasing a popular phone in the start of Holiday and shopping season. It can be noted that Nexus 4 was officially available on October 26. Well as the Android phone is popular and customers are eagerly waiting for it, can’t anyone quench the thirst at least on Black Friday. Well it seems there is a little possibility that the Nexus 4 will be out there greeting us tomorrow.

Though Google or anybody can’t give offer a Nexus 4 tomorrow, many other smartphones and many other devices are there waiting for you and not to forget with great Black Friday deals. Virgin Mobile and AT&T  will be offering flagship smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC EVO V 4G. Walmart has announced recently that they will start offering a number of devices including Apple’s iPad 2 for 16GB version with bonus $75 gift card for $399 and16GB iPod Touch for $195. And many others are coming up with an offer for one device or the other. So, you can choose either one among them OR just wait for some more time(don’t know how long) to get your hands on Nexus 4.

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