Toshiba’s HoneyComb Tablet To Be Google’s Official Nexus T Tablet?

Some reports have emerged online that Google might launch a Nexus T tablet with Toshiba. While they are unofficial preliminary reports which we can’t take for granted, but they do rise your eyebrows “Oh, well! this might happen!”. Google, the search engine giant is of late is also making entry into hardware now and then to promote its own Android operating system. We have already seen how Google brought out Android smartphones like Nexus One (manufactured by HTC) and Nexus S (manufactured by Samsung). Popularity of these phones later made the other mobile phone manufacturers to adopt the Android platform and resulted in flurry of Android powered smartphones into the market. Now that Google’s tablet-centric HoneyComb is out, Google might want to prepare a flagship tablet that will set a benchmark for other manufacturers to come up with HoneyComb tablets.

Toshiba Android honeycomb tablet

The tablet in question, which they thought could be Nexus T is an unnamed 10.1-inch Android HoneyComb tablet from Toshiba. It was recently showed up at Amazon and Best Buy as well, but without any name. It will have a 10.1-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution, 16:10 aspect ration powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, and with a prismatic lithium-ion battery which gives 3 times better life than a standard Li-Ion battery.

We can’t confirm anything unless we hear some official information from Google or Toshiba. We hope the forthcoming Google I/O event has answers for us.

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