Google One for Android Adds IP Address and Network Info Feature

Google One is making strides in bolstering user security and privacy by introducing a convenient feature within its Android app. Users can now effortlessly verify their IP address, further enhancing their online protection.

Upon launching the Google One app on your Android device, a notable addition awaits in the VPN section of the Home feed. Introducing the new feature titled “Your network info,” which goes beyond merely confirming your VPN status. It now presents valuable insights such as “Your IP address” and “Your network” (highlighting your ISP or carrier). Stay informed and in control of your online presence with this enhanced functionality within Google One.

When you enable the VPN feature provided by Google One, both lines, “Your IP address” and “Your network,” will be replaced with the status “hidden.” Google acknowledges that there might be a slight delay in updating your IP address. In case the IP address is not promptly updated, they suggest refreshing the page for the most accurate information. Your privacy and security are prioritized with these measures implemented by Google One’s VPN service.

While there are alternative methods to check your IP address, such as accessing system settings, having this feature within the Google One app offers a convenient option that eliminates the need to navigate to external websites. Additionally, the network information becomes particularly useful when connected to public Wi-Fi, as it allows you to identify the entity responsible for providing the network connection. With these added functionalities, Google One aims to enhance user convenience and provide valuable insights into network security and privacy.

The new IP address checking feature is being introduced with version 1.179 of the Google One app for Android. However, it is not currently available in the iOS app. Users of the Mac and Windows VPN client could also benefit from having this functionality included. It remains to be seen whether Google will extend this feature to other platforms and devices in the future.



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