Google Pixel 7 disassembly teardown scored 6/10 points

Google Pixel 7 Teardown

Just as the Google Pixel 7 series has officially gone on sale, and about to start shipping to early buyers, the Pixel 7 got torn down and rated for its repairability. While both the vanilla and pro models look too same on the outside, there are some important changes inside.

PBKreviews released a teardown video giving us a glimpse at the internals of the vanilla Pixel 7 handset. It’s a step-by-step disassemble of the new Pixel phone, revealing all of its insides.

The first thing to come off the phone is the display by disconnecting the flex cable from the main board, and it reveals that the fingerprint sensor is attached underneath the display. Then there is a rubber like graphite padding which sits on top of the graphite film. Google has installed a handful of graphite films to escort the heat coming from various components into the metal mid-frame. The vibrator motor is placed on bottom part of the mid-frame.

The thermal pad is now placed over the chipset/RAM with thermal paste to help the handset sustain better in peak usages. Getting to the battery flex cable does require digging out several layers. The battery is marked 16.81Wh/4355mAh with model number GZEBU, and it is made by Heizhou Desay Battery Co. LTD. The removal of the main board is much easier than on the Pixel 7 Pro.


As a whole, the internal parts of the Pixel 7 are not that different from the 7 Pro though there are some adjustments. The Pixel 7 was rated 6/10 on the repairability scale, which is same as its predecessor Pixel 6’s repairability score. The big guy, Pixel 7 Pro scored 5.5/10. So the vanilla Pixel 7 model is slightly easier to repair than the Pro model. Check out the full disassembly in the video.

Source: YouTube

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