Pixel 8 Price Hike Exposed, But Bright Prospects Shine Through

There have indeed been numerous leaks regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series, thanks to various tipsters and sources on the internet. While many details have surfaced, one crucial aspect that has been missing is the pricing information. However, another leaker may have provided some insights into the pricing of the Google Pixel 8 series.

According to the tweet from Indian tipster Yogesh Brar, the pricing information for the Google Pixel 8 series has been shared. It is claimed that the standard Pixel 8 model will have a retail price of either $649 or $699. Comparatively, the base model of the Pixel 7 was priced at $599, indicating a minimum $50 price increase for the upcoming Pixel 8. It’s worth noting that these prices are subject to change until officially confirmed by Google.

Indeed, if the price increase for the Google Pixel 8 series is confirmed, it may be seen as somewhat disappointing but not entirely surprising. We have seen both Samsung and Apple implement global price hikes for their recent flagship smartphones, although they maintained the same pricing in the US. It’s worth noting that Google has also introduced a price increase in the Pixel A series, as the Pixel 7a is priced $50 higher than its predecessor, the 6a. These pricing adjustments could be attributed to various factors, such as inflation, component costs, and advancements in technology.

According to the information shared by tipster Yogesh Brar, the leaked specifications of the Google Pixel 8 align with previous exclusive leaks. Notably, Brar mentions that Google is introducing an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the Pixel 8, which would be a significant upgrade compared to the optical scanner used in the Pixel 7 series. The ultrasonic scanner is expected to bring improvements in accuracy and speed, enhancing the overall user experience.

It’s worth noting that there have been previous reports and sightings of a prototype with an ultrasonic scanner, further adding to the likelihood of this upgrade being implemented in the Pixel 8 series.

According to the tipster, the Google Pixel 8 is expected to feature several notable specifications. These include a Tensor G3 SoC, a 6.17-inch 120Hz OLED display, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB or 256GB storage options. The camera setup is said to consist of a dual rear camera system, with a 50MP GN2 sensor with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) as the primary camera and a 12MP ultrawide lens. On the front, there is reportedly an 11MP selfie camera.

In terms of battery capacity, the Pixel 8 is said to have a 4,485mAh battery, supporting 24W wired charging. As for wireless charging, there are conflicting reports. While the tipster suggests 12W wireless charging, another leak points to 12W via Qi charging and 20W through proprietary wireless charging. This indicates that there might be variations in wireless charging capabilities depending on the charging standard used.

It’s important to note that these specifications should be treated as rumors until officially confirmed by Google.

Indeed, considering factors such as inflation, the price hike in the Pixel 7a, and the potential upgrades in the Pixel 8, it is understandable why there might be a price increase. The introduction of a 50MP main camera and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner are significant upgrades that could contribute to the overall cost of the device.

However, it is natural to hope that any price increase is kept to a minimum to ensure that the Google Pixel 8 remains competitive and offers good value for consumers. Ultimately, it will be important to evaluate the overall package of features, performance, and user experience in relation to the pricing when the official details are released by Google.


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