Google Pixel Fold with UWB passes through FCC

Google is preparing to make a significant foray into the foldable smartphone market with its upcoming Google Pixel Fold. With the aid of various leaks, rumors, and even officially-looking renders, we have a decent understanding of what the tablet will be like. The gadget has recently completed the FCC’s certification process, uncovering that it will feature built-in UWB technology.

According to a report by SnoopyTech, a Google device with the model number G9FPL was spotted in the FCC’s certification process on April 30. The device has only one filing and is Android-based, which can be inferred from its FCC e-label location. The e-label also mentions a G0B96 model, although there is no separate filing for it. The device is certified for five connectivity standards, including NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax), 5G, and Ultrawide Band.

The inclusion of UWB in the Pixel Fold, as revealed through the FCC certification process, is a clear indication that Google is positioning its foldable phone as a premium device. UWB technology has so far been reserved for the Pro line of Pixel phones and the upcoming Pixel Tablet. This combined with the rumored price tag of $1700+ further cements the Pixel Fold’s status as a high-end offering from Google.

The FCC certification of the Google Pixel Fold is a significant milestone, bringing the device one step closer to its much-anticipated launch in the foldable phone market. Like the Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel Fold is set to feature a dual-antenna approach for Bluetooth, which Google has previously touted as providing enhanced quality and connection. The inclusion of UWB technology in the Pixel Fold further cements its status as a premium device.

In some of the test materials that have surfaced, there are illustrations depicting the terminal in both its closed and open states, with labels such as “Close Mode” and “Open Mode”. These images strongly suggest that the device in question is a foldable, as such modes would be impossible to depict on a non-foldable device.

Google has been busy preparing for the launch of its upcoming devices, with the Pixel 7a and Pixel Tablet both passing through FCC certification in early April. These regulatory approvals are a crucial step in the release process and suggest that the devices are inching closer to their official launch.



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