Google Pixel Fold Promo Video Teases “Thinnest Foldable”

An exclusive promotional video of the highly anticipated Google Pixel Fold, the inaugural foldable smartphone from Google, has been leaked by SnoopyTech just hours ahead of its official unveiling at Google I/O 2023. While the leaked footage does not unveil any groundbreaking information, it strongly aligns with earlier leaks and provides an all-encompassing view of the Pixel Fold from various angles. You can enjoy watching the captivating clip presented below.

In the leaked footage, we catch a glimpse of the sleek black variant of the Pixel Fold (with a white version set to be released as well). The video commences by showcasing the triple camera configuration on the rear, accompanied by an equally polished hinge. Subsequently, the Pixel Fold unfolds before our eyes, providing a captivating view from two different perspectives.

The first angle emphasizes the device’s remarkable thinness, despite the presence of the camera bump. Meanwhile, the second angle highlights the unfolding process, showcasing the expansive inner screen. Additionally, a shot is included to showcase the front screen, which boasts an always-on display feature, adding to the phone’s overall allure.

With pride, Google touts the Pixel Fold as the epitome of thinness among foldable phones. The company is keen on showcasing its remarkable engineering feat in creating an exceptionally slim device.

Moreover, the leaked promotional video also emphasizes the Pixel Fold’s prowess in multitasking across multiple screens. This feature allows users to seamlessly engage in various tasks and applications simultaneously, capitalizing on the expansive real estate offered by the foldable design. Google’s commitment to providing an immersive multitasking experience is evident as it unveils the Pixel Fold to the world.

The captivating video preview of the Google Pixel Fold reveals a user engaged in multitasking activities while on a video call, accompanied by an intriguing footnote indicating that “Dual Screen support” is slated for release in Fall 2023. However, the exact nature of this delayed feature remains somewhat elusive. Although the video showcases the familiar split-screen multitasking capability inherent in Android, which one might assume shouldn’t face any delays since it’s a system feature, Google’s intent remains ambiguous.

The footage showcases the user effortlessly employing a drag-and-drop functionality, potentially hinting at the feature Google alludes to. Yet, based solely on the video, the true nature of this delayed multitasking capability remains uncertain. Regardless, it is apparent that a facet of the Pixel Fold’s multitasking experience will only become available in autumn, a few months following the expected June release date of the device.

As per the previous leaks, the Google Pixel Fold will be available in two storage options: 256GB and 512GB, both featuring UFS 3.1 storage technology. In terms of memory, both models will boast a substantial 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM. Powering the device will be the Tensor G2 chip, a testament to Google’s commitment to high-performance capabilities. Additionally, the Pixel Fold will be equipped with the Titan M2 security chip, ensuring enhanced security features for users.

Previous leaks also revealed that the Pixel Fold will weigh approximately 10 ounces or 283 grams. When folded, its dimensions measure 5.5 inches in height, 3.1 inches in width, and 0.5 inches in depth. Unfortunately, specific dimensions for the device when unfolded have not been disclosed at this time.

As anticipated, the outer display of the Google Pixel Fold boasts a 17.4:9 aspect ratio, measuring 5.8 inches. It utilizes an FHD+ OLED panel, offering a resolution of 2092×1080 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of 408 pixels per inch (ppi). Moving to the inner display, it spans a generous 7.6 inches with a 6:5 aspect ratio. The inner display is an OLED panel with a resolution of 2208×1840 pixels, providing a pixel density of 380 ppi. Notably, the inner foldable display features ultra-thin glass protected by a layer of plastic, contributing to its durability and flexibility.

Both displays, whether it’s the outer or the inner foldable one, offer a smooth and responsive experience with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This high refresh rate ensures that interactions and animations on the screens appear exceptionally fluid and seamless, enhancing the overall user experience of the Pixel Fold.

Foldable phones have taken the smartphone industry by storm, offering users an unparalleled experience of portability and versatility. With the Pixel Fold, Google enters the foldable phone market, competing with established players like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. 



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