Google Play gets Payment Request for the Family

Google Play keeps offering an adapted set of parental controls now and then. Google announced the updates in a blog post where they revealed a significant update on parental controls inside of Google Play this week. We can say this is a sensible addition whereas if the child wants to buy any app or any pricey game, they have to submit a request to his/her parent, who can make the final decision over whether or not to add a family payment method that they can use. Google states that by implementing this step, it will make it easier to filter out your financial activity.

For this, you need to become a member of a family group on the Google Play Store, which allows family managers to configure shared payment methods for their household.

In the image just above, you can see both the child requesting and the parent approval. When these requests are made, Google will notify the parents that allow them to authorize a one-off purchase using any of their own saved payment methods. Children won’t be having access to the details of these payments. You can also check all of these requests in your order history.

I’m able to see all of these new options on my Pixel 5 and Pixel 6a phones, so you may have them as well. If not, you can always check for a Google Play update by opening Google Play, tapping your profile, and then choosing Settings. From there, expand the “About” dropdown and then hit the “Update Play Store” button under Play Store version.

It sure sounds like a pretty obvious timing as the Christmas holidays approaching, and your family members get new devices or want to get a bunch of a new gaming apps. Check out this guide for more information on managing family payments in Google Play.

Source: Google

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