[Download] Google Play Store Gets Updated To v3.5.19

Google Play Store Update v3.5.19

An update to the Google Play Store bringing it up to new version surfaced today. Yes, Google has quietly started rolling out a new update 3.5.19 for its Google Play Store to Android devices.  The search giant hasn’t provided any changelog of the new refreshed update. Either Improvements might be under the hood or it might be just a placebo effect. According to the users reports, the new update brings faster operation and overall experience.


If the update has yet to reach your handset, you can download the Google PlayStore.apk file from the link provided here at below. The apk has been verified as official and signed by Google.

Link – Google Play Store 3.5.19 (Mirror).

Please let us know if you found something exciting with the updated Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Update v3.5.19

Via: Phandroid

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