Google Implements Server-Side Update to Fix Pixel Battery Drain

An update to the Google app released recently has been discovered to be causing problems related to excessive battery consumption and overheating specifically on Google Pixel smartphones. However, Google has officially acknowledged the issue and has begun implementing a solution that is currently being rolled out to affected users.

Google has verified that a “modification in the backend” of the Google app has been responsible for depleting battery life on a “subset of Android devices.” The community has specifically observed a significant impact on battery drain affecting Pixel devices, which has been attributed to the most recent versions of the Google app and the May 2023 update that was distributed to Pixel phones earlier this month.

After the deployment of the May 2023 update, owners of Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 6a, Pixel 7, and 7 Pro have been reporting concerning problems with their devices. These include excessive overheating and remarkably rapid battery drain. In certain instances, the battery life has been severely compromised, with some users experiencing a reduction by half or even worse, alongside the device becoming noticeably hot to the touch.

According to Google, the issue causing battery drain and overheating on certain Android devices, including Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 6a, Pixel 7, and 7 Pro, has been addressed and rolling out. The company assures users that a fix is currently being rolled out to all affected devices. Interestingly, this fix is not dependent on any app or system updates. Instead, it is a server-side update that aims to resolve the problem “immediately.” Google acknowledges that a recent unintended backend change within the Google App was responsible for the issue, but they took prompt action to rectify it. Impacted users can expect their devices to return to normal behavior once the fix is applied.

If you have experienced the battery drain issue on your Google Pixel 6 or 7 series device, we would appreciate it if you could provide feedback in the comments below regarding any improvements you notice in the next day or two. Your input will be valuable in assessing the effectiveness of the recent fix rolled out by Google. Sharing your experience can help other affected users gain insights and understand the progress made in resolving the issue.

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