Google Translate App for Android now translates speech in real-time

Google Translate Andrid App Translates Real Time Speech

This is really going to change everything. Most recently, Google has built a new feature with several changes into Google Translate App for Android platform. The refreshed app now features an experimental Conversion mode, which will record speed and quickly translate it into your local language of choosing. This app currently works only between Spanish and English. For an instance, if you hit the English microphone icon and speak some words, then those words will get translated and spoken in Spanish language.

So you can speak your response in your own local language and the Google translate app will translate your words into the required target language and read them aloud to your Spanish(or vice versa) friend. Hopefully, Google is working on other languages too and the updates may follow soon.

This new upgraded version of Google translate with a few other improvements is now available for Free in the Android Market for the devices running Android 2.1 or higher. You can scan the QR Code at below to get it.


[Source: Google Blog]

Check out an official preview video of the app on a stage, a few months ago, or you can watch another video of an user’s personal video.

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