Google unveils Labs platform for AI experiments: Sign up now!

During Google I/O 2023, the tech giant revealed numerous AI tools and features. With so many upcoming and ongoing experiments, it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. To address this issue, Google has unveiled a new platform called Google Labs, which serves as a centralized location for all of the company’s AI experiments.

Interestingly, the website for Google Labs is already live, giving users a sneak peek at the various experiments in progress. To check it out for yourself, head over to

The new platform called Google Labs, offering access to a wide range of AI experiments across Google Search, Workspace, “Project Tailwind,” and “MusicLM.” The labs are available for users to sign up for right now, and each experiment must be opted into manually. Further details and registration for all Google Labs experiments can be found on the platform’s landing page.

The new Google Labs platform provides a convenient way to access and participate in various AI experiments across Google’s different services. By signing up for the experiments manually, users can gain early access to the latest AI features and provide feedback. One of the most anticipated experiments is the generative AI search feature, and users can join the waitlist to be the first to try it out.

Google’s new AI notebook, Tailwind, is also available to try out through the Google Labs website. This tool is designed to assist with note-taking by using AI to help users create summaries, title sections, and answer questions related to their research. The announcement for Tailwind was made after the website went live, making it one of the newest experiments available to users on the Google Labs platform.

The Google Labs platform also includes AI experiments in Google Workspace, which allows administrators to sign up for new AI tests designed for businesses. While this feature may not be of interest to all Google users, it could be a valuable tool for those in charge of implementing new technology and processes within their organizations.

In addition, if you’re an Android user, you can easily sign up for Google Labs experiments through the latest version of the Google Search app. The app now includes a built-in Labs button that takes you directly to the website, allowing you to opt into any of the current experiments with just a few clicks. And if you’re using the desktop version of Chrome, you can also access the website and sign up for experiments from there.

During the Google I/O 2023 event, CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google is constantly striving to provide useful features to users through the rapid advancement of AI technology. In line with this goal, the company has launched Google Labs, a platform that enables users to preview AI-powered features across Google Workspace and other products. Although the idea of labs is not new to Google, Pichai highlighted the significance of the launch as the company continues to prioritize helpful user experiences. The Labs button is now also available on the latest version of the Google Search app for Android and desktop versions of Chrome.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of the “Join waitlist” option for any project that catches your interest. This is an excellent opportunity to be among the first to experience Google’s latest AI experiments and gain insights into how the company is pushing the boundaries of AI technology. So head on over to and start exploring!


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