[Download] Google Wallet For AT&T GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S Available Now

Google Wallet On AT&T Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google Wallet for AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Confusing? There is no AT&T’s own version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset. Imported GSM capable unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets are now supporting Google’s NFC-based payment app. Fortunately, the imported Galaxy Nexus works with an AT&T SIM on the network’s HSPA+ speeds. So, if you’ve a Galaxy Nexus with AT&T support, you can download the Google Wallet app from the Android Market right now. Along with the Galaxy Nexus handset, Google has also added the official Google Wallet app compatibility for AT&T branded Samsung Nexus S handset.

Unfortunately, Verizon hasn’t given thumbs up for official Google Wallet app on the 4G LTE based Galaxy Nexus handset. Meanwhile, Verizon GNex users can make payments with an unofficial Google Wallet app, which has leaked in last December. AT&T’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note is having NFC functionality. Hopefully, the Galaxy Note works fine with this official Google Wallet app.


Right now, AT&T Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S owners can shoot over to Android market to grab the Google Wallet app for free. Or else you can hit the below link to download it.

Link: Google Wallet App

Google Wallet On AT&T Samsung Galaxy Nexus  Google Wallet On AT&T Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Source: Android Market

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