[Download] Google Wallet Adds Support for MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy S III

Google Wallet for MetroPCS Galaxy S III

Until now, Sprint and U.S. Cellular have only been the official partners for Google Wallet functionality. Today, we’ve some good news for MetroPCS customers. Google has tweeted they’ve added the Google Wallet support for the third wireless carrier in the U.S. and asking whether you’ve a MetroPCS branded Samsung Galaxy S III handset or not? Yes, the Galaxy S III is the only compatible handset on MetroPCS network with Google Wallet functionality. The carrier has recently announced the S III availability for $499.

Earlier, Google has also added the Wallet functionality for the U.S. Cellular branded Galaxy S III handset through a firmware update LI4 and it is expected to be available on more U.S. Cellular phones in the near future.

Galaxy III owners on MetroPCS can download the Google Wallet app from the Play Store link provided here at below:


Google is currently distributing invitations for interested users on its website for a new version of Google Wallet. The new improved Google Wallet app will work on multiple mobile platforms Android and iOS.

Google Wallet Support for iOS

Source: Twitter, Google Wallet

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