Google’s LG Nexus 4 16GB Ordered on Jan 29 Already Shipped

LG Nexus 4

The LG-made Google Nexus 4 was back up in-stock in Play Store on Jan 29 with a shipping time frame of 1-2 Weeks. Both the 8GB and 16GB version of the Nexus 4 handsets were back in full stock and available for sale from Google Play Stores across US, Canada, and Germany.

Now the good news for the ones who ordered Nexus 4 16GB versions recently is that the orders have already been shipped, well at least for me! I was not so surprised to get an estimated shipping date of Feb 13 after I ordered the device on Jan 29. But Google surprised me when I got the “Your Google Play Order from Jan 29, 2013 Has Shipped” mail an hour back.

Google Play Nexus 4 Shipped
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When I checked the XDA Developers forum thread on Nexus 4 shipping, many also reported that their orders have been shipped and delivered for some. On the other hand, there is some delay in shipping for the 8GB Nexus 4 as all the shipped ones are the 16GB variant.

All the Nexus buyers were worried considering the previous experiences. Last time, if I remember correctly, Nexus 4 orders made in November, 2012 were shipped in December 2012. Hope Google and LG keeps up the spirit and ships the other variant also soon.

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  1. I also ordered my 8gb on 29th at 3 pm and it hasn’t been shipped yet, so the higher demand for cheaper model might be the case.


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